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Google Earth Lessons

Created by an American teacher from the sunny Florida, this site has a vast array of lesson ideas and tutorials for teachers. It looks at how to use Google Earth to teach a whole array of subjects including mathematics, history, geography and citizenship. Well worth a look! icon-desktop  Click Here



“Imagine a totally unique program. A program that gives you the opportunity to play with physics – using your own hands. Apply a constructionists learning paradigm, learning by doing. Use simple drawing tools to design, construct and explore with. Sounds like an interesting idea? We believe Algodoo is that program.” Once a paid for app, […]


IBoard Player

A whole host of free, online IWB resources and games. Subscribers to this TES (Times Educational Supplement) website gain access to extra resources but there are a fair few available without signing up. Subscription to IBoard’s full capability comes at a small cost. Organised into three age groups and searchable by subject, this British site is […]


K Science

Flash animations for teaching science. They also include a tool kit that you can use to create your own animations. Covers: Biology, Chemistry and Physics for senior secondary science. icon-desktop or Click here

Phet Interactive Science

PHET Interactive Science Simulations

The vast Majority of these simulations are written in Java and Flash (not iPad friendly). However, the team at Colorado Boulder have started to remake them in HTML5 (iPad friendly) – see links below. These are a fantastic resource which comes from a teams love of physics and teaching it.  Really handy, useful and easy […]

Periodic table of videos

Periodic Videos

Created by the University of Nottingham in the UK, this handy table of videos does exactly what it says on the tin.  Each element has a hyperlink to a video explaining, in some detail, what the element is.  The team have also begun updating the content: “We’ve done all 118 – but our job’s not […]

Freezeray resources


This site uses Flash so not iPad friendly, however, it contains some fantastic visual aids for Science.  Covering the three main sciences plus, scientific literacy, investigations and technology its definitely worth investigating “This site offers a growing bank of imaginative, highly visual teaching-aids developed for use with interactive whiteboards in 11-18 Schools. The resources are […]

Absorb IWB resources

Absorb Chemistry and Physics

From the makers of Crocodile Clips, this website contains hundreds of free IWB animations for KS4/KS5 (Senior Secondary)   icon-desktop Or Click Here

Creative Chemistry Teaching Resources

Creative Chemistry

On-line quizzes on various Chemistry subjects.  Including: …chemistry puzzles, interactive revision quizzes and molecular models. Aimed at Secondary Science   Click here