DreamBox Learning

An American site which has 25 different interactive maths activities that will suit F-5 of the maths curriculum.  Very simple and easy to use. Includes activities at various year level on: Number Sense and Equivalence Addition and Subtraction icon-desktop  Click Here icon-tablet  Also available on the iPad


Illuminations – Maths Collection

Rather than citing all  their resources separately, I invite you to explore this very rich collection of over 100 maths resources. With interactive activities that range from R -12 this is a really valuable place to stock up your collection. I really like the Dynamic Paper creator as it helps with the gaps in some […]


Shodor Interactive Maths Activities

This is a very rich resource of interactive activities that can be used on an Interactive Whiteboard.  288 activities ready to go! Topics covered include: Number and Operations, Geometry, Algebra, Probability, Statistics,  Modeling, Discrete, Trigonometry, and Calculus Age range: Grades 3-5,    Grades 6-8 ,   Grades 9-12  and  Undergraduate These resources can be sorted […]


Algebra Arrow

From developer Pete Boon, we have a handy applet (made in Java) that will allow you to make arithmetic arrows.  Input/Output fields (white) can be connected to operation fields (yellow) using arrows. From an operation field an arrow can be drawn to an input/output field to show the results. With the results you can calculate […]

scott forman's etools

Scott Foresman’s eTools

These maths resources are excellent examples of free interactive whiteboard activities that are visually appealing and can be differentiated to suit your learner. With the help of Pearson Education, Scott’s resource is an excellent tool filled with a wide range of maths activities.  These include: and much more! icon-desktop Click here


Figure This

A series of animated maths problems that can be displayed on your IWB for a quick warm-up /plenary activity.  Not interactive but very visual.  The site contains problems on: Algebra Equations, linear (8)Stamps, (30)Smiles, (58)Gone Fishin’, (74)The Race Functions, compare & contrast (7)Double or Not, (50)Animal Ages Graphs of Lines (8)Stamps, (50)Animal Ages, (65)Tan-Don’t Burn Modeling problems (1)Line Up!, (29)Salaries, (42)Rose Bowl, (44)Table for 19, […]


A Maths Dictionary for Kids

A Maths Dictionary for Kids is an animated, interactive online math dictionary for students which explains over 600 common mathematical terms and math words in simple language. Now updated (again! Thanks Jenny) and with the addition of maths charts to boot!   icon-desktop Click here


The Magic Key

The magic key is a BBC website with range of online games that require students to make sentences, chose description words carefully, describe monsters and many more activities. I love using this with my NAP English students would also be perfect for Primary students.  icon-desktop Click here