I came across this little gem whilst wandering through the Chrome App store.  Lots of free books that you can read together on your IWB as well as letting your students read them on their 1:1 devices.  It’s a really tidy looking site too which make the experience all the more fun! MeeGenius is a […]


Ideal Resources

This site provides schools with simple and easy to use resources.  This used to run from CD Rom and now it run ‘in the cloud’.  All you have to do is sign up for one of the packages and away you go! You can create folders of activities, organise them into programs and learning pathways […]

Learning TOday

Learning Today

The link below will take you to all of the free resources found at Learning Today.  These cover Maths, Reading, Podcasts and contain printable resources as well as flash cards.


One of my all time favourites! allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge! Not so good on iPads but perfect for virtual learning environments and IWBs. My favorite tool is the “Random Name […]

story bird - story book creator and reader

Story Bird – Big books

Storybird is full of Big Books that you can use on your interactive whiteboard.  All of the books are free because they are created by their readers.  You could even have a go at creating your own class big books and sharing them with each other.  Good fun! “Storybirds are short, visual stories that you […]


BBC Schools – Age 11-16

The BBC’s website is full of brilliant resources that can be used on interactive whiteboards. This secondary site covers most subjects taught in Secondary schools and has some great interactive games as well as useful research based activities for students. icon-desktop   click here

Teach It- resources for English teachers – English Teaching Online

This is a great website which focuses mainly on English and Literacy. I’ve been a member for years. It has loads of brilliant lesson ideas for everyday teaching and now has it’s own section of “whizzythings” which are specifically designed to help you create resources for you IWB. You can use some of the content […]

Teach It Primary

Teachit Primary

Teachit Primary is a new off-spring of . Founded by a teacher in the UK this site is steadily growing as a place for teachers to share all sorts of resources including their “whizzy things” as the site calls them. Membership is required to access the resources. Free membership is limiting but valuable. Schools […]

Get Smart IWB Activities

Copacabana Public School – Interactive Activities

This page entitled “Get Smart” is a collection of resources that has been building for some time in a NSW Primary School!  It’s grown over the years and is brilliant.  Don’t forget though that you can use these resources on any Interactive Whiteboard you like! Divided into 3 levels there is a real wealth of […]

HWB- Welsh Teaching Resources from the UK - IWB


Formally, The Welsh Grid for Learning, Hwb (HUB)  has lots of great interactive games for all sorts of subjects. They’d be great fun on your IWB. Use their on-line search tool to find suitable resources.  Some, but not all of these resources will be in Welsh. icon-desktop   Click here