Putting TPACK into Practice @CEGSA2012

This afternoon I will be delivering the second of my sessions to the CEGSA State Conference.  Following on from yesterday’s discussion on what’s changed in the Aussie Classroom, we will be exploring how TPACK can help us plan lessons which enable us to:   and As Easiteach Next Generation’s licensing agreement allows me to use […]

Recommendations for your Teacher PD Library

  As part of my role at Flinders I have been asked to look in to the Teacher Resource Center – that’s the library that pre-service teachers have their disposal to help them on prac.  As a result I’ve been reading through and requesting the purchase of a number of excellent books that I thought […]

Be Better – My reflection

This post started as a comment on Chris Betcher’s blog post “Be better”.  As I began to write, I realised I had a lot to say so it’s ended up as a post here on Teacher Technologies.  Please read Chris’ post and the comments he received for some context. Having come from England, what Chris is describing […]