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This app contains over 50 lesson ideas.  They have been categorised under four headings of the Four Part Lesson Plan – Connect, Activate, Demonstrate and Consolidate. On the home screen, select one of these areas and you will be presented with a list of activity suggestions for your lesson plans. 

What is the Four Part Lesson Plan?

Screen Shot 2014-08-30 at 3.18.05 pmThe framework is built from the idea of the “Accelerated Learning Cycle” used in the TEEP (Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Program) in the UK. Check out their website for some brilliant resources, lesson ideas and more information.Accelerated learning is the term that the TEEP model uses to describe the techniques and strategies that we use to actively engage learners in learning. It is based on research of brain function, student motivation and multiple intelligences and provides a platform for life-long learning by promoting the importance of understanding how we learn as much as what we learn. The key ideas of accelerated learning can be briefly summarised as:

  • Making connections with prior knowledge and experiences
  • Experiencing the content of the curriculum through the senses
  • Supporting students to take risks in their learning
  • Allowing opportunity for exploratory talk
  • Providing students with relevant and useful feedback
  • Offering learning experiences that are both pleasurable and memorable
  • Regular review of learning

(Taken from http://www.teep.org.uk on 18/10/2011)


What happens in each part of the lesson?

Content Shots The definitions for each stage in the four part plan can be seen below: 

 Connect: Make learning personal. Start by connecting to what has been learned before. Involve the whole group, create a learning climate, agree the outcomes and share the Big Picture.

  icon-lightbulb-o Activate: Help students familiarise themselves with key information. Make this multisensory, pose questions and engage curiosity. Engage students directly with the problem presented.

  Demonstrate: Give students opportunities to show understanding. Use feedback to fine tune learners’ thinking. Make this a highly interactive student-centered phase and provide educative feedback.

  Consolidate: Reflect on what has been learnt and how. “What do we now know and understand that we didn’t know before? How have we learned? How can we apply our learning elsewhere?”

For more information on the elements of each of the four parts of the Accelerated Learning Cycle visit our blog.

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Release History

The following versions of this application have been released:

  • v1.0.0 – Initial release of the application on 29/08/2012.
  • V1.1 – Second release of the application on 30/08/2014
    • New, updated and re-organised content
    • Updated look & feel for iOS 7.1
    • Support for gestures to zoom

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