During my first trip to South Australia in 2007  I found myself really inspired by another English teacher called Micheal Cowling. He had been trying to find ways to get the students in his class to like writing poetry.  He was having particular trouble with the males in the group who were clearly too cool for poems.

Being a Mac distinguished educator he turned to the use of Garage Band and bluetooth for his inspiration and had interesting results.  The boys were suddenly really interested in their poems, in the way it sounded and how it was being presented.  No more monotone presentations and the beginnings of real critical and independent thinking about metre and rhyme started to emerge.  Why? Because they were recording themselves, adding their poem and sending it to their mobile phone.  In short, they were making an advanced podcast (video and sound) and using bluetooth to share what they had done.

This got me thinking about the problem of getting students to revise. If they were all so excited to share what they had learnt about poetry in this way.  What if I asked students to create pod casts about a topic they had to revise for their GCSE English exam.  If they started to “blue tooth” each other their work and watch it on the bus home the whole class would be revising in no time!

That was when I started to experiment with using video in the classroom.  This section of the site is aimed at sharing with you some of things I discovered as I did so.  I will also endeavour to provide you with some “how to” sheets to get you started.

More coming soon….