In order to be a good digital citizen it’s my responsibility to use the internet as a place to share, learn and grow with others.  I love the idea of tracing  the steps I have taken to  connect with other to share knowledge and grow. Below are a list of places you can find me and my contributions.  I hope they help you to branch out too 🙂

Facebook Group

Come and join the few hundred who are connecting with me on Facebook. I don’t expect anyone to ‘friend’ me on Facebook but I would I like to invite you to come and join this fabulous group of like minded educators. Nice and safely, we can share resources, links etc. and continue to network!



If you haven’t done so already, come and find me in the Twitterverse! Those of you who know me, know I love to talk… so you can expect lots of 140 character tweets containing links to lesson resources, professional development ideas, blogs I’m reading/writing, connections to inspirational educators and… the occasional picture of one of my cats. It’s an amazing networking tool – I look forward to connecting with you there.


Reflect Growth

Reflect Growth is a great community for sharing learning in teaching.  You can find my profile can be accessed here.  Come and join the community.  You could even consider becoming a part of the co-create community so that you can be a part of the revolution 😉 – curious?


You Tube

This is another place I both curate and create content for sharing. I often make little “how-to” guides and pop them into my YouTube Channel. I also curate other people’s videos into playlists. You can subscribe to that too if you like! You might also like to check out the video I made for @Aitsl – It’s had a fair few views 🙂


Google Plus

This is something I try to use as much as possible and it’s something that I am going to work on using more because it’s another fantastic tool. I love the hangouts!


Linked In

I’m on here too! You can see my CV, join some of the groups I’m in. Come along and have a chat.

View Selena Woodward's profile on LinkedIn


 About.Me is a simple, wonderful site that allows you to create a sort of online business card with links to your works, social netword etc.  Have a look at mine and consider grabbing yours!



It’s no secret that PowerPoint and I have trouble being friends… So, when I’m not being interactive because I’m presenting to a large group or just giving a quick seminar, I use Prezi. That means that everytime I give a lecture at Flinders or a presentation at a conference you’ll find it in my collection. It’s all creative commons licensed (of course) so, if it’s useful – use it! Just let me know and let those who you’re showing have the opportunity to connect back to me 🙂

Link to Selena Woodward's Prezi Collection


The Teacher Technologies Daily 

I set up this on line newspaper a couple of years ago.  I asked it to curate posts from my Twitter account and from certain hash tags to make it easier to explore. If you find it interesting you can subscribe to it so that it reminds you there’s a new one.  I love the way it finds things that I wouldn’t go looking for myself.  A nice way to get technology to educate me and send me on new pathways :0)

Subscribe to Teacher LI.Paper



This has replaced Flickr for me. So, if you’re looking for images I take at conference, presentations, whilst wandering around generally.  This is the place they’ll be! I like the way the filters make me into a half decent photographer… (that’s what I tell myself anyway!)



Interactive Whiteboard Resources

I have resources on the Promethean Planet here and here.  There are more but I’ve been on the planet for 10 years, and forgotten my username a few times 😉  I’ll get back to you! lol – example of bad footprint management over time there! A range of resources I’ve shared on Easilearn.  Lessons, mostly English ones that I’ve created using the Easiteach Next Generation Software.  Enjoy!


  You’ll also find me in the International Edubloggers directory, in the ACCE directory and commenting on everything I can 🙂