Can you run courses at our school?

Yes, I can.  I have run lots of sessions on site and am happy to do the same for you and your staff.  Simply drop me an email outlining what you’re after and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Where can I see examples of your work?

In the next video, I haven’t shown anyone, other than me, here out of respect for personal privacy. However, I can promise you that you’ll be out of your seat and getting involved!

Are you courses linked to the Australian National Professional Standards for Teachers?

One of my jobs at Flinders University was to eat, sleep and breathe those standards.  Its very sad… but I know them far too well 😉  YES, of course all of the work I do aligns with the National Professional Standards for teachers.  

What about the Australian Curriculum... Can you help us with that?

Definitely! I was trained in the UK and have always worked with a Curriculum.  When the Aussie one came along it was like greeting an old ‘friend’.  I’ve done alot of work with the Australian Curriculum at Flinders University and  I have run a lot of courses in schools which specialise in the General Capabilities as well as the subject areas that have already been made available to us.

Do you only deal with Interactive Whiteboards?

I have written books about Interactive Whiteboard software, I’m accredited as a trainer with Promethean. SMART and Easiteach (as well as being very well versed in StarBoard too).  However, my scope of expertise stretches well beyond just Interactive Devices.  I can help you with iPads (or any form of handheld device), web tools , anything!  My focus is exploring how to make any technology work pedagogically to enhance learning and teaching.  I’m pretty confident that there isn’t a technology out there that I could bend to my will (and then train you to do the same!) 😉

How can I get in touch with you?

You’ll find me all over the net!  Email me at, follow me on Twitter, join our Facebook group, or check out one of the many places you can access my resources.  Alternatively, fill in the “Ask a Question” form to the right and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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