IFTTT – I'm 'Putting the Internet to Work' and Loving it!

If you haven’t found or explored Ifttt (If This Then That) .com yet and you’re the kind of person who uses multiple Social Media sites and enjoys using tools like Evernote then you’re really missing out. This amazingly simple, and yet clever concept, (all the best ideas seem to be those things don’t they!) is […]

apps for education

iPads- Apps for education

*UPDATED AGAIN!* I will be Repeating this session at #CEGSA2012 in place of “iPads in teaching and learning: New Perspectives on integration and Productivity” Tomorrow on the 23rd of March-2012 I’m presenting on iPads at Flinders university . In this session I aim to talk about how iPads can be used to effectively enhance teaching […]

Activ Inspire 1.6 – Embed HTML into your Flipcharts

Back in October, when Activ Inpsire 1.6 was released there was one feature that I just couldn’t find. It said on the planet that the new version had a browser in which you could display a website. This is a feature that I find very handy when using Easiteach Next Gen and so I though […]

Testimonial – Ludgero Rego of Catholic Education South Australia

Hi Selena, In a time where ICTs and languages education go hand in hand, teachers from Catholic Education SA were lucky enough to have attended a 2 day course presented by you last year. Technologies aren’t necessarily a new item in the languages classroom but what teachers are wanting now is HOW to use those technologies to […]

Augmented Reality Shakespeare

First of all a big thank you to @anisesmith for Tweeting the link out to the app I’m about to share with you.  I LOVE it!  She shared it with her Twitter followers yesterday afternoon and, after playing around with it on silly household items  (making pictures move – just like in Harry Potter), I decided that it was so […]

FREE- Discussion event – IWBs and Kindies

I’ve been invited to speak at a discussion event help at Leading Digital on 24th Feb.  The topic will be the suitability of an Interactive Whiteboard in a Kindergarten set up.  This  completely free event is open to all but places are limited.  Bookings can be made through Leading Digital. Come along!  Here’s the blurb…. […]

My Dream Classroom

Guest writer Jason Christiansen writes about his Dream Classroom. I think very frequently about what the ideal classroom would be like. What would the teacher be doing? What would the students be doing? What type of technology would be there? What exactly would students be preparing for? 1. What would the teacher be doing? The […]