AR sights Made it to my Mobile!

Those who read this blog regularly will have noticed that I love exploring Augmented Reality (AR). Those who work with me know that, at every opportunity I get, I’ll find away to use some in my lectures and workshops. That’s why I was really excited this morning when I received an email from In globe […]

Augmented Reality Shakespeare

First of all a big thank you to @anisesmith for Tweeting the link out to the app I’m about to share with you.  I LOVE it!  She shared it with her Twitter followers yesterday afternoon and, after playing around with it on silly household items  (making pictures move – just like in Harry Potter), I decided that it was so […]

A Very Augmented Reality Christmas

Christmas is getting closer and closer.  Here in Oz there’s less than  a week to go before school’s out for both Summer and Santa (something I’m still getting used to!).  I’m sat at home at the moment, recovering from the removal of a wisdom tooth (ouch) and, because I LOVE Christmas, I have been seeking […]

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SMART Mixed Reality

Thanks to Electroboard SA I’ve now had the opportunity to play with the SMART Mixed reality cube.  I recently ran a session on SMART’s Mixed Reality system for CEGSA and was quite surprised by what I saw. As you know, I am quite at home with Augmented Reality and I have already had a play […]

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Augmented Reality Showcase with Selena Woodward

Augmented reality is something that I’ve been very interested in for a long time.  I’ve written a couple of posts on here outlining what it is and why it’s useful to the everyday classroom.  Today I am running the first in a series of Edtech Showcases for CEGSA at the Flinders University, the topic is Augmented Reality. […]

Smart Update 10.8

A good few weeks ago SMART released an update for Notebook.  We’re now up to 10.8 and plenty of new features have been added to this version to make it worth while updating. Firstly, if you have a SMART Document Camera ( and you’re running Notebook on a PC) then you can get excited about […]

Augmented Reality Update

About a month ago I wrote a blog post about Augmented Reality and gave a demo using my own webcam and home PC.  I showed this technology off at the CEGSA conference too where a lot of teachers were blown away by the idea and the power of the tool.  The more I look into […]

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Augmented Reality

I’ve been hearing on the grape vine that SMART are planning to introduce Augmented Reality into their range of products. They’re planning to do this using their document camera…… Sites and software used in this example: Google Earth Camera used: Logitech C600 Here’s SMART’s protype in action In honor of thenerdyteacher (A very knowledgable […]