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The Professional Learning Project

Yesterday, the Teacher Registration Board of South Australia released their Professional Learning Report (authored by Associate Professor Debra Panizzon)  As someone who works with Professional Development of Teachers and teacher growth and development, I started reading the executive summary whilst still in my PJs yesterday morning.   My work with Edufolios has meant that I have […]


Blogging about your Practice with the AITSL Standards

You all know that I am a big fan of blogs. I’ve been writing then for over a decade.  This particular site is actually going to turn 10 next year – which is amazing!  It’s charted my thoughts, my questions, my learning and my passion for all things education and technology.  Now we have AITSL […]

Dr. Wayne Dyer Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose by BK is shared under CC BY 2.0

Choosing a School for your Pre-Schooler

Basically I think I’m going to be a nightmare… I have a soon to be three year old son.  In this season of fun parties and gatherings one question keeps being asked ” So, what school is he going to then?”.  As a migrant to Australia and to Adelaide, I’ve been told many times that […]

LEARN by PROF Delventhal, Fickr

Professional Development Term 1 – 2016

Hi all, In Term 1 I’ve organised a few professional development opportunities that you are more than welcome to tap into.  Instead of running them at the EDC, I have decided to support my local church by using the excellent facilities found at the Performing Arts Academy (Part of the Christian Family Centre, Frederick Road, Seaton.  They […]


Co-Creating for the win

I’ve taken the next step with  Having sent out questionnaires to all of our co-create members we realised that what people wanted was a place to share stories, to learn from each other and accelerate their growth as they went.  We also needed a space to share the work that I’ve been doing on […]

Logo-370-by-370 – ‘Teacher’ is Synonymous with ‘Learner’

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook will, I have no doubt, have spotted the amount of talking I’ve been doing about my newest project – This is something that I’ve been considering getting going for a number of years and I am very, very excited to see it beginning to […]


The Lesson Planner App – Update

For those of you who already have the Lesson Planner app, you might have noticed a few changes since Saturday.  First of all, thank you for being one of the many people who have downloaded the app over the past two years.  I hope that it has proved useful to you.  Secondly, I hope you love […]


The importance of pedagogy in learning design.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with the CESA Languages team again. We wanted to evaluate what we’d been doing in our classroom as part of the “Innovation in Learning and Teaching Languages and Cultures Project” lead by @lregolanguages, Anne Spencer and Edgar Bliss.  Here’s how our day went: [View the story “#CESALearn – […]

Pedagogically Speaking... Tips and Tricks for SMART Notebook™

SMART™ Notebook – Pedagogically Speaking

Some of you know that I have had at least one book out on the shelves for a little while. That book focused on TPACK and Activ Inspire (with a Promethean Activ Board).  I’ve often been asked when I’m going to write a book along the same lines for SMART™ Notebook.  Well.. it’s done, it’s out there […]