Teacher to Entrepreneur – 5 things I’ve learnt this week.

  Passion is everything When I entered the boot camp for Bridge to Mass Challenge I was totally out of my comfort zone.  I was convinced that being an “entrepreneur” meant that I had to be a certain type of person.  A person who knew numbers, wanted to work with VCs (venture capitalists), who understood all […]

trb summary

The Professional Learning Project

Yesterday, the Teacher Registration Board of South Australia released their Professional Learning Report (authored by Associate Professor Debra Panizzon)  As someone who works with Professional Development of Teachers and teacher growth and development, I started reading the executive summary whilst still in my PJs yesterday morning.   My work with Edufolios has meant that I have […]


Unpacking the Digi Tech Curriculum – Paula Christopherson

On June the 3rd I attended a Professional Development session hosted by EDTECHSA.  Paula Christopherson flew into to Adelaide and shared her insights into the Digital Technologies curriculum with us.  It was very interesting to hear how slightly differently the Victorian department for education have chosen to work with the Australian curriculum.  It actually made my […]


The Bamboo Spark

Recently I was sent a Bamboo Spark to have a play with.  As you know, I’ve always been curious about the co-operation between typing and writing. How one shouldn’t replace the other entirely.  There are times when I still can’t think the same way unless I have a pen in my hand.  For all my […]


Blogging about your Practice with the AITSL Standards

You all know that I am a big fan of blogs. I’ve been writing then for over a decade.  This particular site is actually going to turn 10 next year – which is amazing!  It’s charted my thoughts, my questions, my learning and my passion for all things education and technology.  Now we have AITSL […]

Dr. Wayne Dyer Everything is either an opportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you from growing. You get to choose by BK is shared under CC BY 2.0

Choosing a School for your Pre-Schooler

Basically I think I’m going to be a nightmare… I have a soon to be three year old son.  In this season of fun parties and gatherings one question keeps being asked ” So, what school is he going to then?”.  As a migrant to Australia and to Adelaide, I’ve been told many times that […]

LEARN by PROF Delventhal, Fickr

Professional Development Term 1 – 2016

Hi all, In Term 1 I’ve organised a few professional development opportunities that you are more than welcome to tap into.  Instead of running them at the EDC, I have decided to support my local church by using the excellent facilities found at the Performing Arts Academy (Part of the Christian Family Centre, Frederick Road, Seaton.  They […]


Calling all Educators – Come join us in a Tweet Up!

I’ve been asked to deliver a lecture on Monday. I’ve been asked to talk about how we can help parents to help us (and our students) to meet the four requirements found in the Organising Element of Applying social and ethical protocols and practices (ASEPP) when using ICT in the ICT General Capabilityy. (still with […]


Teach Meet Adelaide

@Tina_p and I have been pretty keen to try and help these fabulous gatherings come back to life in Adelaide and it seems that, along with the support of other fabulous teachers like @MarkeetaRP and @JessOttewell we’re slowly succeeding with our plan.  We’ve actually had two TM’s already and our third one is coming up […]


Connected Educator – Groups, communities and #tags.

I do consider myself to be a connected educator.  Connecting educators is one of the things I am very passionate about.  I make sure I teach this explicitly to my students at Flinders (sometimes with some resistance) and I’ve even created a whole new community, just for teachers which is growing in strength and numbers. […]