Pedagogically Speaking... Tips and Tricks for SMART Notebook™

SMART™ Notebook – Pedagogically Speaking

Some of you know that I have had at least one book out on the shelves for a little while. That book focused on TPACK and Activ Inspire (with a Promethean Activ Board).  I’ve often been asked when I’m going to write a book along the same lines for SMART™ Notebook.  Well.. it’s done, it’s out there […]

Windows 8 Screenshot

5 Tips for new Windows 8 Users

There will be a fair few people who got shiny new computers/tablets/phones for Christmas and, as a result, they may have come across Windows 8   Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that, fairly recently, my PC died and I had to rebuild.  I was, in truth, in Nerd heaven down at MSY […]

IFTTT – I'm 'Putting the Internet to Work' and Loving it!

If you haven’t found or explored Ifttt (If This Then That) .com yet and you’re the kind of person who uses multiple Social Media sites and enjoys using tools like Evernote then you’re really missing out. This amazingly simple, and yet clever concept, (all the best ideas seem to be those things don’t they!) is […]

Google Doc for Inspire- Embed Options

You may remember this post I wrote back in March about how to use the new embed feature in Activ Inspire to add embeded content from web 2.0 /3.0 sites to the pages of your Flipchart?  Well, the Promethean Planet forums have been a buzz with suggestions for the kinds of tools that this feature […]

Recommendations for your Teacher PD Library

  As part of my role at Flinders I have been asked to look in to the Teacher Resource Center – that’s the library that pre-service teachers have their disposal to help them on prac.  As a result I’ve been reading through and requesting the purchase of a number of excellent books that I thought […]

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Augmented Reality

I’ve been hearing on the grape vine that SMART are planning to introduce Augmented Reality into their range of products. They’re planning to do this using their document camera…… Sites and software used in this example: Google Earth Camera used: Logitech C600 Here’s SMART’s protype in action In honor of thenerdyteacher (A very knowledgable […]

Using Drop Down Fields in Word to Explore Literature.

The first post in a series on using ICT to teach English. I will look at features we find in word and excel which can be used to help students explore literary texts. Great for : UK APP AF5 – explain and comment on writers’ use of language, including grammatical and literary features at word […]

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Where's the interaction?

An interesting powerpoint I came across  which takes into account recent research into the use of IWB in classrooms.  I found it whilst browsing another research blog on blogger.  I agree entirely with the sentiment of the  presentation.  As those of you who have attended my courses know I can not repeat enough the the […]