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Activ Inspire V1.8 is with us!

If you open up your copy of Activ Inspire you should be prompted to update to the latest version – 1.8.  The latest version of the software seems to have geared its improvements around the questioning tools and in expanding it multi touch capabilities. Of course, the number of touch points you get will now […]

A Mountain Lion Ate my Pens

I took the plunge… I updated my Lion (OS) to a Mountain Lion (OS)…. It took nearly two hours (My Mac book is 18 months old)  Was it worth it? Mountain Lions Think Promethean Connectivity is Very Tasty.   UPDATE: 24/08/2012 – Promethean have released a beta driver to fix the below problem… see comments below!  The […]


Easiremote – Use your iPad to control your Interactive Devices

If you follow my tweets then you will have seen me tweeting about the up and coming SMART Notebook iPad App. You might also have seen me asking questions of my Promethean and Easiteach contacts to see if they had any plans for apps of their own. Interestingly, the conversations with my connections in the […]

Google Doc for Inspire- Embed Options

You may remember this post I wrote back in March about how to use the new embed feature in Activ Inspire to add embeded content from web 2.0 /3.0 sites to the pages of your Flipchart?  Well, the Promethean Planet forums have been a buzz with suggestions for the kinds of tools that this feature […]

Activ Inspire 1.6 – Embed HTML into your Flipcharts

Back in October, when Activ Inpsire 1.6 was released there was one feature that I just couldn’t find. It said on the planet that the new version had a browser in which you could display a website. This is a feature that I find very handy when using Easiteach Next Gen and so I though […]

IWB Cross Platform Conversion

You may remember that a while back I wrote a post exploring how cross-platform integration was getting closer between IWB brands.  This post was prompted by SMART’s decision to incorporate the “*.iwb” format into its export and import options.  At that time Promethean was the only brand that hadn’t incorporated this new feature.  Even when […]

Teaching Australia Day – Links to Free Resources (IWB or 1:1)

Tee heee….. I love that. Just had to share it 😉 Whilst you’re sipping your beers and eating the fair from the BBQ I thought I’d gather some Aussie resources together to lighten the burden of next week’s lesson planning activities! Let’s start with IWB resources: Promethean’s Activ Inspire users: These are stored on Promethean […]

Activ Inspire 1.6 – UPDATE

If you haven’t noticed already there’s been an update to Promethean Activ Inspire.  We’re now on to version 1.6. The birth of Activ Inspire (the replacement for Activ Studio) meant that we lost a lot of cool features that have been slowly creeping back.  I’m really happy to see that the equation editor is back! […]

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How does technology change Shared Reading? (Early Years)

Shared reading is an essential part of learning to read.  Sitting together with a big book and sharing the experience of reading with a class is incredibly important in developing early reading and comprehension skills in younger learners. However, books are changing;  we are no longer limited to paper and ink.  We have the advantage of document […]