Activ Inspire V1.8 is with us!

If you open up your copy of Activ Inspire you should be prompted to update to the latest version – 1.8.  The latest version of the software seems to have geared its improvements around the questioning tools and in expanding it multi touch capabilities. Of course, the number of touch points you get will now […]


Multi-User boards.

Back in 2007 Promethean announced that they would be unveiling a new, innovative IWB which would allow more than one student to work on a task, at the board at the same time.  In 2008 they revealed ActivArena and release ActivInspire to help make this transition even easier for the user.  At BETT in 2009 […]


New Touch Recognition Features for SMART board.

Not only have Promethean been taking time to think about how we interact with their whiteboards, SMART have been too.  Unlike Promethean, instead of focusing on having more than one user at the board they have instead focused on how we switch between modes.  Remembering to click the arrow to drag, or to place the […]