SMART Notebook™ 2014

The newest version of SMART Notebook™ is on it’s way. Due to be released in April, there are a few subtle changes to look forward to: New Pen Tools This version of the software sees the introduction of the ‘Text Pen’. A new, and improved handwriting recognition tool.  Now, it does more than just recognise […]

Google Doc for Inspire- Embed Options

You may remember this post I wrote back in March about how to use the new embed feature in Activ Inspire to add embeded content from web 2.0 /3.0 sites to the pages of your Flipchart?  Well, the Promethean Planet forums have been a buzz with suggestions for the kinds of tools that this feature […]

Comparing Smart, Promethean and Easiteach's Software

I’ve been asked today whether or not I have a post in which I compare the various features of the major players in Interactive Whiteboard Software.  A place which contains links to all the various software downloads.  Unfortunately, up until right now, the answer to that was “no”.  Creating a table of comparison is a […]

Epson You've done it again!

We’re all very excited by the new interactive projectors.  Schools are snapping up this very cost effective piece of kit all over South Australia.  They’re much cheaper than your traditional interactive whiteboard both to purchase and install.  Of course, they’re not quite as feature rich as a SMART 800 or Activboard 400 series.  There’s no […]

IWB – Cross Platform Functionality getting closer…

For some schools, it’s been a decade since they first purchased an Interactive Whiteboard.  As the academic years have rolled by, they may have found themselves in a position where those with the purse strings have chosen to purchase different types of hardware as the budget changed during the IWB roll-out.  So now, many of […]

Activ Inspire v1.5 is out!

There’s been  a lot of excitement around the release of the new version of Inspire.  We’re now up to 1.5 and it’s totally free (as always) to upgrade. If you already have the software simply run Inspire, head to the help menu at the top of the screen and select “Check for Updates”.  The software […]

Free Teaching Resources from Teacher

Free Interactive Whiteboard

When i first saw that this search term had appeared on the site my initial reaction was “You’ll be lucky!” It’s very rare that I ever come across anyone offering a Free Interactive Whiteboard! Then I got thinking… What if we could have a free, online interactive whiteboard? Perhaps we already have a board but […]

My Dream Classroom

Guest writer Jason Christiansen writes about his Dream Classroom. I think very frequently about what the ideal classroom would be like. What would the teacher be doing? What would the students be doing? What type of technology would be there? What exactly would students be preparing for? 1. What would the teacher be doing? The […]


A response to "What I'd buy instead of an Interactive Whiteboard"

Whilst searching for interesting IWB twitters, I came across this blog post from Bill Ferriter.  In it, he responds to criticism he had received for posting that interactive whiteboards are a a waste of money.  He takes the cost of an IWB, installation, voting tools and slate ( about$5,000 – 6,000 – I assume USD) […]