Putting TPACK into Practice @CEGSA2012

This afternoon I will be delivering the second of my sessions to the CEGSA State Conference.  Following on from yesterday’s discussion on what’s changed in the Aussie Classroom, we will be exploring how TPACK can help us plan lessons which enable us to:   and As Easiteach Next Generation’s licensing agreement allows me to use […]


Easiremote – Use your iPad to control your Interactive Devices

If you follow my tweets then you will have seen me tweeting about the up and coming SMART Notebook iPad App. You might also have seen me asking questions of my Promethean and Easiteach contacts to see if they had any plans for apps of their own. Interestingly, the conversations with my connections in the […]

Easiteach for MAC (1.1.5) Upgrade – Review

For a long while now I’ve actually been advising that users of Easiteach stay away from the MAC version.  To be honest, up until recently, it was very restricted and therefore highly frustrating.  There were so many features missing that it was pointless downloading files from easilearn as if they contained effects you’d never be able to […]

Google Doc for Inspire- Embed Options

You may remember this post I wrote back in March about how to use the new embed feature in Activ Inspire to add embeded content from web 2.0 /3.0 sites to the pages of your Flipchart?  Well, the Promethean Planet forums have been a buzz with suggestions for the kinds of tools that this feature […]

Easiteach Next Gen Conversion from Legacy Easiteach – Update

Back in April last year  I wrote this post letting you know how those of you with Easiteach (the original) could have your files upgraded so that you could open them in Next Generation instead.  At the time, there was some support available to have your files converted by RM in the U.K. – on […]

RM Easirespond

In the wake of so many other classroom response or “voting” tools that are out there in the market it’s no surprise that RM have introduced their own solution to the market place.  In the last few weeks RM EasiRespond has become available for purchase through RM resellers. I was lucky enough to be lent […]

Easiteach Next Generation 1.3

PC VERSION REVIEW – MAC COMING SOON… The first thing you’ll notice when you open your upgraded version of Easiteach Next Generation is the addition of some rather swanky looking tabs at the bottom of the welcome screen.  From here, the team at RM, have added some nifty new features that will really help out […]

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How does technology change Shared Reading? (Early Years)

Shared reading is an essential part of learning to read.  Sitting together with a big book and sharing the experience of reading with a class is incredibly important in developing early reading and comprehension skills in younger learners. However, books are changing;  we are no longer limited to paper and ink.  We have the advantage of document […]

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Bringing the APP store to the IWB..

When I was given a copy of Easiteach Next Generation last year one of the things that made my smile was the “Widgets” toolbar. In Easiteach Next Gen, The icon to activate them is a little green plug. Making me think.. plugins… extra bits and bobs I can use to supplement this software; giving RM […]

Comparing Smart, Promethean and Easiteach’s Software – The Table!

I said that I’d try and create one and here it is! A monster! A comparison chart of the basic features provided by Smart Notebook 10.7, Promethean Activ Inspire 1.5 and Easiteach Next Generation 1.2. After the chart fell onto it’s third page I thought I’d better stop but there are a lot more features […]