The Magic Key

The magic key is a BBC website with range of online games that require students to make sentences, chose description words carefully, describe monsters and many more activities. I love using this with my NAP English students would also be perfect for Primary students.  icon-desktop Click here


Study Ladder

Formerly, Smart, this is an Australian maths resources for primary school teachers.  It allows teachers to set tasks for pupils who can log on and complete them, it has video resources as well as interactive games and worksheets and it’s all totally FREE!  Very impressive. The site follows the strands in the primary curriculum […]


Primary Games

This site contains interactive games on a range of Primary based subject.  They are easily embedded into your virtual learning environments as well as your flipchart, notebook or easiteach files. icon-desktop Click here

Priory Woods

Priory Woods – Switch / Touch Screen ‘Videos’

One of the most clicked links I have in my resource bank, these are great fun! I use them with classes that need short, sharp tasks and then a reward. To break the lessons up into manageable 10 minute chunks my students sometimes get rewarded with a choice of one of these silly videos. It […]


One of my all time favourites! allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge! Not so good on iPads but perfect for virtual learning environments and IWBs. My favorite tool is the “Random Name […]

Amble Web - Online Teaching Resources


A set of activities made by both children and staff at Ambleside Primary School. Some good resources that can be used on an IWB here.  icon-desktop Click here

CrickWeb Interactive Whiteboard Resources


253 (and counting) free to use educational interactive resources for Primary Schools. 84 free to use fun games for children aged 4 – 11 and 165 plus links to free interactive, image and software resources. Click here


Bitesize Bingo.

Fun bingo game for students to revise GCSE level (Year 9+10 – AUS) subject material. Pick from  icon-desktop   Click here.