IFTTT – I'm 'Putting the Internet to Work' and Loving it!

If you haven’t found or explored Ifttt (If This Then That) .com yet and you’re the kind of person who uses multiple Social Media sites and enjoys using tools like Evernote then you’re really missing out. This amazingly simple, and yet clever concept, (all the best ideas seem to be those things don’t they!) is […]

Twitter for Education

Nothing has contributed more to the growth of my teaching career than my personal learning network. @mrlisok I’m always searching for new websites, tools, innovations, resources, ideas, view points… anything to make my teaching more creative. Several of the posts I’ve shared here (and in guest posts elsewhere) have come from connections I’ve made through […]

Security - Facebook

Facebook Security

This is a topic that comes up a lot during Cyber Safety conversations. I am still astounded however by the number of both students and colleagues I work with who haven’t really considered the amount of private data that they are choosing the share with the world via Facebook.  Countless, high-profile, job loses have occurred […]