Calling all Educators – Come join us in a Tweet Up!

I’ve been asked to deliver a lecture on Monday. I’ve been asked to talk about how we can help parents to help us (and our students) to meet the four requirements found in the Organising Element of Applying social and ethical protocols and practices (ASEPP) when using ICT in the ICT General Capabilityy. (still with […]


Teach Meet Adelaide

@Tina_p and I have been pretty keen to try and help these fabulous gatherings come back to life in Adelaide and it seems that, along with the support of other fabulous teachers like @MarkeetaRP and @JessOttewell we’re slowly succeeding with our plan.  We’ve actually had two TM’s already and our third one is coming up […]


Connected Educator – Groups, communities and #tags.

I do consider myself to be a connected educator.  Connecting educators is one of the things I am very passionate about.  I make sure I teach this explicitly to my students at Flinders (sometimes with some resistance) and I’ve even created a whole new community, just for teachers which is growing in strength and numbers. […]

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Calling all “Tweachers”

Hi everyone, It’s that time of year again.  The “Connected Educator” week (Thanks @courosa for that handy title) of our Numeracy and ICT topic  @Flinders has come around.  We have nearly 200 student teachers, some of whom are already using twitter, ready to connect with their new PLN (Personal / Professional Learning Network). My bunch […]


SAETA 2014

Yesterday I presented a couple of workshops at SAETA’s 2014 State Conference. I promised the participants that I would write a post here with links to resources and answers to questions.  Here goes! Glogster as a Multimodal Tool We experienced a fair few technical difficulties in this session 🙁  So, hopefully you’ve managed to get […]

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What the New Tweachers Think…

  First of all, thank you to all of you who popped in over the course of last Thursday and Friday.  The students learnt so much from having an authentic audience to answer their questions and support them as they started on their journey towards being a connected educator.  I am so grateful to my […]

Help me prepare the new "Tweachers"

Hi guys, This post is aimed at all those who i’ve been connecting with on Twitter (and other social networks) over the last couple of years.  I’m hoping you can help me 🙂 On Thursday the 25th of this month (next Thurs) I will be doing a workshop with a group of lovely primary pre-service […]


How has social media influenced your professional practice?

This was the question, posed by @AITSL that I have attempted to answer on their teacher feature pages.  I thought I’d share it with you here too so that you can have a watch.  So far it’s had 701 views (!) but, strangely, no one has rated or commented!!  Please feel free to 😉  It […]

Are you Part of the "Learning Culture"?

This post was inspired by @mulh0015, her PLN  and AITSL. 🙂 If I am ever asked about what I love about being a teacher, one of the many things that will come gushing, enthusiastically out, is the fact that being a teacher means I am a learner.  I have always loved the fact that my job, my profession, […]

Technology and Theories Changing my Professional Persona…

    Just before the CEGSA conference, I sent off for my new business cards. Of course, typically i guess, they didn’t arrive until half way through the second day. That meant I had an opportunity to get rid of the last few remaining cards. Cards I had printed about 18 months ago. What’s most […]