Connected Educator – Groups, communities and #tags.

I do consider myself to be a connected educator.  Connecting educators is one of the things I am very passionate about.  I make sure I teach this explicitly to my students at Flinders (sometimes with some resistance) and I’ve even created a whole new community, just for teachers which is growing in strength and numbers. […]


Co-Creating for the win

I’ve taken the next step with  Having sent out questionnaires to all of our co-create members we realised that what people wanted was a place to share stories, to learn from each other and accelerate their growth as they went.  We also needed a space to share the work that I’ve been doing on […]

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Calling all “Tweachers”

Hi everyone, It’s that time of year again.  The “Connected Educator” week (Thanks @courosa for that handy title) of our Numeracy and ICT topic  @Flinders has come around.  We have nearly 200 student teachers, some of whom are already using twitter, ready to connect with their new PLN (Personal / Professional Learning Network). My bunch […]


SAETA 2014

Yesterday I presented a couple of workshops at SAETA’s 2014 State Conference. I promised the participants that I would write a post here with links to resources and answers to questions.  Here goes! Glogster as a Multimodal Tool We experienced a fair few technical difficulties in this session 🙁  So, hopefully you’ve managed to get […]


Using Flipboard to find the Good Stuff

Flipboard is a tool I’ve had running on my iPhone for a number of years.  It’s great because I can tell it what I’m interested in reading about and it finds content for me to read and subsequently share.  It’s been a fantastic tool for helping me to sift through all of the wonderful content […]