Connecting and Sharing

The main aim of this site has always been to share great resources, to create connections with other educators and inspire new learning.

This site began in 2006 as a list of useful websites, that list evolved into the FREE resources section of this site.  As I became more and more interested in the world of blogging and in connecting with other educators it also became a repository of posts in which I have reviewed and reflected upon the use of technology in the classroom.

8 years later, it stands as an archive of my own development as an English teacher, teacher leader and teacher trainer.   Hundreds of posts have been written here about interactive whiteboards, teaching pedagogies, the introduction of new tools and technologies and more.  These posts also form part of the ongoing support I offer everyone who attends one of the courses that I run.

Currently this site contains links, resources and support through points of contact with myself.  What’s more, I am excited to announce, that in the coming months it will also feature on line courses which you will be able to access anywhere, any time and complete at your own pace!


Who am I?

A self-proclaimed Nerd and English Teacher, I’m passionate about learning, about making education meaningful, useful and inspiring our students. 

I completed my teacher training in England.  I trained with a National Curriculum, OFSTED Inspectors, Specifications, League Tables, Assessing Pupil Progress systems and more (phew!).  I have worked in a number of Secondary schools both in the UK and Australia as an English teacher and have spent my entire career questioning and challenging how technology can work to enhance learning and teaching.  I have worked as a Hands on Support (HOS) Trained mentor, held a post in which I was Responsible for coordinating ICT across the English, Media and MFL (Languages) departments and offer just-in-time and hands on support to staff; having a direct impact on raising achievement.

Interactive Whiteboards have been a clear focus for me for a long time.  I had seen so many teachers presented with this powerful technology and not be given the time and information they needed to make it work hard for them and their students.  I started training with Promethean, SMART and Easiteach so that I could get a clear grasp on what worked and what didn’t’.  I still have a unique insight into those various brands of Interactive Device and a very clear picture as to how to use them to get the best results.  I’ve even written a book on the subject! Of course, there are now other technologies like tablets, augmented reality, web 2.0 and social networking that have become equally important to my practice.


Ongoing Projects

From an app for iOS, a book (soon to be books) on the use of interactive whiteboard software and a portfolio template for your professional development… 

Connecting and sharing – that’s the focus and I try to make that possible in as many ways as I can.  So, you can find the following projects ongoing:


Training and Development

I offer a range of onsite training options for you and your staff.  Whether you want help with working with the Australian Curriculum, the ICT General Capability, processes for integrating technology into your classrooms, help with specific tools like iPads and Interactive Devices… it’s all within my scope of training. 


Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking using technology is too difficult. I can come up with a thousand excuses. However, Selena has helped with my confidence in applying some technological literacies in my classroom.   I can see how some of the apps can better support my teaching and students’ learning.


Loved It! Especially that it was hands on and incorporated using the apps /smartboard /programs /websites etc.


Get in touch and let’s grow our practice!


Get In Touch

I’m pretty easy to find online.  I always ask people “If you Google yourself, what comes up?” I’m pretty pleased with the digital footprint I’ve been creating over the past few years.  Here are a few places you’ll find me:

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and more…

Of course you can contact me any time via this site.