Are you Part of the "Learning Culture"?

This post was inspired by @mulh0015, her PLN  and AITSL. 🙂 If I am ever asked about what I love about being a teacher, one of the many things that will come gushing, enthusiastically out, is the fact that being a teacher means I am a learner.  I have always loved the fact that my job, my profession, […]

A Mountain Lion Ate my Pens

I took the plunge… I updated my Lion (OS) to a Mountain Lion (OS)…. It took nearly two hours (My Mac book is 18 months old)  Was it worth it? Mountain Lions Think Promethean Connectivity is Very Tasty.   UPDATE: 24/08/2012 – Promethean have released a beta driver to fix the below problem… see comments below!  The […]

Technology and Theories Changing my Professional Persona…

    Just before the CEGSA conference, I sent off for my new business cards. Of course, typically i guess, they didn’t arrive until half way through the second day. That meant I had an opportunity to get rid of the last few remaining cards. Cards I had printed about 18 months ago. What’s most […]