AR sights Made it to my Mobile!

Those who read this blog regularly will have noticed that I love exploring Augmented Reality (AR). Those who work with me know that, at every opportunity I get, I’ll find away to use some in my lectures and workshops. That’s why I was really excited this morning when I received an email from In globe […]

Recommendations for your Teacher PD Library

  As part of my role at Flinders I have been asked to look in to the Teacher Resource Center – that’s the library that pre-service teachers have their disposal to help them on prac.  As a result I’ve been reading through and requesting the purchase of a number of excellent books that I thought […]

Testimonial – Ludgero Rego of Catholic Education South Australia

Hi Selena, In a time where ICTs and languages education go hand in hand, teachers from Catholic Education SA were lucky enough to have attended a 2 day course presented by you last year. Technologies aren’t necessarily a new item in the languages classroom but what teachers are wanting now is HOW to use those technologies to […]

Be Better – My reflection

This post started as a comment on Chris Betcher’s blog post “Be better”.  As I began to write, I realised I had a lot to say so it’s ended up as a post here on Teacher Technologies.  Please read Chris’ post and the comments he received for some context. Having come from England, what Chris is describing […]

Easiteach Next Gen Conversion from Legacy Easiteach – Update

Back in April last year  I wrote this post letting you know how those of you with Easiteach (the original) could have your files upgraded so that you could open them in Next Generation instead.  At the time, there was some support available to have your files converted by RM in the U.K. – on […]