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Bringing the APP store to the IWB..

When I was given a copy of Easiteach Next Generation last year one of the things that made my smile was the “Widgets” toolbar. In Easiteach Next Gen, The icon to activate them is a little green plug. Making me think.. plugins… extra bits and bobs I can use to supplement this software; giving RM […]

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CegSA's Annual Conference is getting closer!

As you might know from reading my bio, I’m a committee member of the Computer’s in Education Group of South Australia (CegSA).  Over the past few months we’ve been busy putting together a joint conference with SLASA (School Librarian Association of South Australia).  We wanted to give our members the opportunity to explore the ways […]


The Magic Key

The magic key is a BBC website with range of online games that require students to make sentences, chose description words carefully, describe monsters and many more activities. I love using this with my NAP English students would also be perfect for Primary students.  icon-desktop Click here


Study Ladder

Formerly, Smart Kiddies.com.au, this is an Australian maths resources for primary school teachers.  It allows teachers to set tasks for pupils who can log on and complete them, it has video resources as well as interactive games and worksheets and it’s all totally FREE!  Very impressive. The site follows the strands in the primary curriculum […]


Music Mixer

An interactive activity which lets pupils mix their own tunes.  The site also contains a video clip of a music producer in a studio.  He talks students through the process of mixing. icon-desktop Click here

Comparing Smart, Promethean and Easiteach’s Software – The Table!

I said that I’d try and create one and here it is! A monster! A comparison chart of the basic features provided by Smart Notebook 10.7, Promethean Activ Inspire 1.5 and Easiteach Next Generation 1.2. After the chart fell onto it’s third page I thought I’d better stop but there are a lot more features […]

Comparing Smart, Promethean and Easiteach's Software

I’ve been asked today whether or not I have a post in which I compare the various features of the major players in Interactive Whiteboard Software.  A place which contains links to all the various software downloads.  Unfortunately, up until right now, the answer to that was “no”.  Creating a table of comparison is a […]