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Easilearn – New Easiteach Resources by me ;)

I’ve been busy making English Lessons for Easiteach over the last few days.  I’ve also been busy getting my official Easiteach Next Generation accreditation.  I’m now fully accredited to deliver courses for you 🙂 If you’re interested in the teaching resources I’ve submitted, then they can be found on Easilearn.com. They are: Macbeth- The role […]

Epson You've done it again!

We’re all very excited by the new interactive projectors.  Schools are snapping up this very cost effective piece of kit all over South Australia.  They’re much cheaper than your traditional interactive whiteboard both to purchase and install.  Of course, they’re not quite as feature rich as a SMART 800 or Activboard 400 series.  There’s no […]


A Touch of Japanese – Challenge

A BBC languages interactive exercise Ever dreamed of visiting Japan? Well, here’s your chance to get a flavour. Imagine you arrive at the airport, equipped with a print-out of your Internet booking for your stay at a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn.  icon-desktop  Click Here


AjALT – Learning Supplements

From the makers of “Japanese for Busy People” comes this collection of on-line teaching resources that are perfect for use on an IWB. Covers:  icon-desktop Click Here

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More free resources, help and training vids

For years now this site has had a slightly hidden section to it. You might have noticed the link  that appears at the end of the navigation bar that says “MOODLE” or the invitation to come into the on-line training section of the site that sits at the bottom of the front page.  Well…  The […]


Hooray! Another update is here and this time it’s for the “Smarties” amongst us.  Whilst doing my research for my previous post on cross platform functionality I discovered that Notebook 10.7 had been released.  Usually, I’m pretty on the ball with these kind of things, so apologies if this news is a little late.  In […]

IWB – Cross Platform Functionality getting closer…

For some schools, it’s been a decade since they first purchased an Interactive Whiteboard.  As the academic years have rolled by, they may have found themselves in a position where those with the purse strings have chosen to purchase different types of hardware as the budget changed during the IWB roll-out.  So now, many of […]