Rm Easilearn

RM have their own site full of downloadable lesson resource for you to explore. If you’re looking for free lesson idea then why not visit Easilearn? RM Easilearn is an on-line space that you can regularly visit to download resources, get latest product updates, chat and share ideas with other users, and feedback on the […]

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Easiteach Next Generation Update!

‘Tis the season for updates!  Easiteach Next Generation have also released an update for their software.  We’ve now gone from 1.1 (released in October 2010) to 2.2 ! You should have been prompted as soon as you open the software for an update. If you haven’t a link is available here so you can manually […]

Activ Inspire v1.5 is out!

There’s been  a lot of excitement around the release of the new version of Inspire.  We’re now up to 1.5 and it’s totally free (as always) to upgrade. If you already have the software simply run Inspire, head to the help menu at the top of the screen and select “Check for Updates”.  The software […]

FREE- Discussion event – IWBs and Kindies

I’ve been invited to speak at a discussion event help at Leading Digital on 24th Feb.  The topic will be the suitability of an Interactive Whiteboard in a Kindergarten set up.  This  completely free event is open to all but places are limited.  Bookings can be made through Leading Digital. Come along!  Here’s the blurb…. […]


Ideal Resources

This site provides schools with simple and easy to use resources.  This used to run from CD Rom and now it run ‘in the cloud’.  All you have to do is sign up for one of the packages and away you go! You can create folders of activities, organise them into programs and learning pathways […]