Virtual Keyboard

Virtual Keyboard

There are a few of these around on line.  I really like this one because there is the option to create and play chords.  There are 9 instruments to choose from and you can add a drum beat! icon-desktop Click here

Creative Chemistry Teaching Resources

Creative Chemistry

On-line quizzes on various Chemistry subjects.  Including: …chemistry puzzles, interactive revision quizzes and molecular models. Aimed at Secondary Science   Click here  

Multiplication dot com

Multiplication Games offers a range of fun single and multi player games designed to help students learn and practice their times tables.  Games can be played in multi player or single mode.  Good fun! icon-desktop Click here


Primary Games

This site contains interactive games on a range of Primary based subject.  They are easily embedded into your virtual learning environments as well as your flipchart, notebook or easiteach files. icon-desktop Click here

Priory Woods

Priory Woods – Switch / Touch Screen ‘Videos’

One of the most clicked links I have in my resource bank, these are great fun! I use them with classes that need short, sharp tasks and then a reward. To break the lessons up into manageable 10 minute chunks my students sometimes get rewarded with a choice of one of these silly videos. It […]

Crocodile Clips - teach circuits

Crocodile Clips (Yenka Basic Circuits)

If you’re teaching the basics of electrical circuits then this free piece of software is perfect for you. On your IWB or computer pupils can pull out batteries, bulbs, wires and other circuit gadgetry and create their own virtual electrical circuits. icon-desktop Click here


One of my all time favourites! allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash! Host them on your own blog, website or intranet! No signup, no passwords, no charge! Not so good on iPads but perfect for virtual learning environments and IWBs. My favorite tool is the “Random Name […]

Watch Know

We’ve all been there.  You’re stood in front of a class for what seems like the 100th time and you’re asking them to recall a piece of information you all learnt last week.  It’s just it’s not there any more and they’re definitely not up for hearing from you all over again for the 400th […]

Literacy Zone Online Talking Books

Literacy Zone – Interactive Story Books

This page contains both talking big books and ones you can all read together on your IWB.  A collection of links created by Woodlands Junior School, Kent (UK).  A very helpful set of resources! icon-desktop  Click here