Bitesize Bingo.

Fun bingo game for students to revise GCSE level (Year 9+10 – AUS) subject material. Pick from  icon-desktop   Click here.

BBC Starship Maths and English

Star Ship!

A range of activities for English and Maths which can be used on the IWB or on stand alone PCs. (Always opt to see them in “big screen” mode when you want to use them on your board. )  As this is all web based it can be used with any IWB software. icon-desktop   Click here


Primary Resources

A bank of free, ready to use ideas, resources, worksheets and lesson plans. They’re available for you to use with your class at no cost whatsoever. A range of flip charts and Notebooks (for both Smart and Promethean boards) as well as PowerPoints and html style resources which can also be used with easiteach and […]