Other Updates For SMART users

SMART Sync 09 Apart from developing their hardware SMART have also been working hard to keep their software up to date and developing. If you use the I.T. classroom management software Syncronise then you can look forward to SMART SYNC2009. A free 30 day trial is available now to all SMART users Senteo 2.0: There […]


New Touch Recognition Features for SMART board.

Not only have Promethean been taking time to think about how we interact with their whiteboards, SMART have been too.  Unlike Promethean, instead of focusing on having more than one user at the board they have instead focused on how we switch between modes.  Remembering to click the arrow to drag, or to place the […]

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Where's the interaction?

An interesting powerpoint I came across  which takes into account recent research into the use of IWB in classrooms.  I found it whilst browsing another research blog on blogger.  I agree entirely with the sentiment of the  presentation.  As those of you who have attended my courses know I can not repeat enough the the […]

Response from Promethean

One of the greatest things that has always impressed my about Promethean is the ease at which you, as the customer, can influence the way the Activ software is developed. It’s a real asset to them that they have a team who are always receptive to comments and suggestion.  Within a couple of hours of […]


Activ Inspire

I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now. It’s been an interesting process for me but I can say now that when I accidently open V3 I cringe in comparison! When i first opened the program I was impressed that I could now transfer Smart Xbks into it  (This will make our MFL departments […]